Digital Marketing Strategy For Busy Lifestyle Brands!

We genuinely connect your brand story with your customer’s way of life, guaranteeing maximum return on a small business budget.

Marketing Solutions For The Wellness & Creative Industries

Discover Online Opportunities. 
Enhance Your Visibility and Increase Sales.

The Iconic Expressions helps your creative brand thrive in a highly competitive industry. We do so by applying a strategy-first approach combined with a custom-designed plan, which allows your business to unlock opportunities that boost your visibility and increase sales.

We Help You Get Noticed.

Overcome the roadblocks to your digital marketing success. We deliver results-driven digital marketing solutions for businesses that lack a clear marketing strategy. Our proficient team, led by an experienced multimedia specialist, Maestro Stevens, will guide you through the process of market research, planning, and execution.

By focusing on these high-value initiatives, you can stand above the competition and forge ties that bind your brand with your target audience.

We Know the Wellness & Creative Industry.

We’ve worked with event planners, artists, life coaches, health programs, non profits, entertainment and travel companies in the US. We recognize the challenges you face and understand your needs as a creative force and entrepreneur — at the same time.

Let us help you through your journey to success.

About The Iconic Expressions

We empower small businesses or brands to grow their online presence, automate marketing systems, and increase profits.

With Maestro Stevens, a multimedia specialist with over five years of experience and technical skills in emerging technologies, at the helm, we eliminate the burdens that online marketing causes small businesses or brands.

Build an audience. Tell your stories. Grow your brand with The Iconic Expressions.


The digital landscape is constantly changing. As a business owner, your challenge lies in creating a dynamic brand that adapts to the changing needs of your target audience.

Our experienced team has been helping small businesses run and manage a successful digital marketing campaign. As a strategy-first digital marketing consultant, we focus on details, processes, and systems to deliver digital marketing consulting solutions that fuel your business growth.

How do we do it?

1. We use advanced software technology to analyze the market and your competition.

2. We develop a marketing strategy that pushes your business out of the shadows and into the spotlight.

3. We optimize your website for better local search visibility.

4. And we automate your marketing campaigns to make your sales funnel more efficient.

marketing strategy
Marketing Strategy

A clear digital marketing strategy provides a solid framework for success. We devise a strategy — or multiple digital strategies — to help you stay focused on your business objectives. We also create a structured timeline for your marketing activity, making it easier for you to measure progress and achieve your goals.

marketing campaigns
Marketing Campaigns

A successful marketing campaign tells a compelling story and gives your brand a distinct identity and emotion. We do market research, planning, and execution to develop a customized marketing campaign to increase sales. You’ll receive regular reports, which we’ll review together to refine your campaign for long-term success.

personalize marketing
Personalize Marketing

Create a memorable brand experience on every platform to turn first-time customers into long-term brand advocates. We create a personalized marketing plan by collecting and analyzing customer data. After creating a clear profile of your target audience, we implement personalization into your strategy and deliver compelling messages at the right time, on the right platform. 


Work With A Dedicate Team

Focus on your creative endeavors while we handle your marketing